Upstate Consultants
Advocating with government officials to support the goals and needs of your business.
Why don't I hear about state programs such as incentives, tax abatements, low interest
loans and other opportunities that may be available for my company?
New opportunities are always arising and keeping abreast of these changes can be challenging.  
We focus solely on finding opportunities within government that can benefit diverse companies and
Why doesn't government recognize the value of my company to the community?
Government is very willing to acknowledge and support companies, but it's important to keep them
informed.  At Upstate Consultants, we create and maintain an ongoing information campaign to keep
government aware of your company's achievements.
Why do I need a government affairs consultant when I know government officials?
As government affairs consultants, we have relationships with many officials at all levels of
government and are often used as a resource for the development of new ideas.